Pain In Your Groin Area? What The Problem Could Be

Aches and pains occur all the time, but some are worse than others. Some aches or pains don't go away or they worsen, which in this area can be worrisome. You may feel pain throughout the month, which could be ovulation pain or period pain such as bloat or cramps, but those other pains you just can't explain are something you should bring up to your gynecologist. Read on for what may be the issue with your groin pain. 

1. Vaginal Infection

A vaginal or bladder infection can be very painful and lead you unable to function throughout the day. This pain may start as burning while urinating, a bladder infection can usually be cleared up with drinking water and wiping properly. A worse infection may require antibiotics. A vaginal infection is going to appear as pain while urinating, but can also present with discharge, either yellow or even green. You will also have a foul odor and pain during sex, as well as a general uncomfortable feeling all day long. A vaginal infection can occur from not cleaning your body properly, wiping improperly, and also from sex as well. Be sure you are wiping from front to back and you bathe often, especially after sweating or having sex. Wear underwear that is breathable and that doesn't trap in moisture. If you have a vaginal infection, go to the gynecologist for treatment.

2. Skin Infection

You could potentially have a skin infection on your vagina. Your skin around your vagina may feel tight or even hot to the touch. If you have a skin infection, you need to seek help from your gynecologist for treatment. This type of infection can worsen, and you could end up hospitalized if you aren't careful. A skin infection can occur from not bathing correctly, from wiping improperly, and from wearing underwear that is ill-fitting as well.

3. Pregnancy

Another potential pain in the groin area could be an implementation from pregnancy. If you are experiencing pain in the groin or abdomen, it may very well be that you are pregnant. You should take a pregnancy test to be sure. If you have a negative result, your gynecologist may have you get one done through your local hospital or in their office to be sure you aren't getting a false-negative. 

If you are experiencing unexplained pain in your groin area that isn't going away, you should visit an OB-GYN for an exam and for any necessary treatment.