Considering Semaglutide For Weight Loss? Helpful Information For New Patients

Semaglutide injections have spurred considerable interest over the past few years for their ability to help patients with type 2 diabetes gain better control over their blood sugar numbers. When the amount of sugar in the blood becomes elevated beyond a healthy figure and stays that way for too long, patients are in danger of incurring damage to the kidneys, nervous system, and eyes, as well as additional health problems, including heart disease.

Potential benefits for weight loss

As Semaglutide injections began to be prescribed to more diabetic patients, another potential use for the medication soon became evident. Medical records kept on patients taking injections of Semaglutide began to show that when used along with a healthy diet and exercise, instances of weight loss were noted.

In recent years, as more Americans have struggled with obesity, there have been few pharmaceutical options to assist them with weight loss in a safe, medically monitored manner. Semaglutide appears to show promise as a medically prescribed option to help patients lose weight, with more physicians considering its usage for their obese patients. 

Discussions with your OBGYN or health care provider

Patients who are interested in exploring the use of Semaglutide to help lose weight will want to speak with their OBGYN or primary health care provider before seeking a prescription. As with all medications, your doctor will help you understand whether a new medication should be used with any other medications or health conditions that may be present. 

Semaglutide may not be advisable for patients who have known histories of serious eye, kidney, or digestive problems. In addition, this medication may also be inappropriate for those with histories of depression and some other types of mental health issues. During your discussion with your doctor, you will also gain information about the potential side effects of the drug, storage of the medication, and how to handle the self-injection delivery method. 

Welcoming ongoing medical oversight

Another thing for patients to know before deciding whether Semaglutide should be trialed for their weight loss journey is whether they can welcome ongoing medical oversight, including periodic testing. When taking any drug, especially those that are being used in a new way, patients should expect to undergo blood work, vital statistic monitoring and regular physical checkups to insure that the medicine is being tolerated well by the body. 

To learn more about the use of Semaglutide for both weight loss or the treatment of type 2 diabetes, contact your OBGYN or primary health care provider such as Nur Aesthetics Wellness