Tips For Taking Care Of Yourself After A Cesarean Section

If you have delivered a baby via cesarean section, then you may be wondering how best to take care of yourself after the procedure. You will have a new baby in tow, and it is of great importance that you know how to take care of yourself so that you can look after your newborn. Here are some tips that will tell you the dos and don'ts after this type of surgery so that you can start feeling like your old self a lot more quickly.

Healing Time

Healing time varies but normally it takes about a month or six weeks to fully recover. How long the recovery process takes is highly dependent on the state of your health before the surgery. Healing time is also dependent on whether or not there were complications, the type of skin you have, and the type of incision that was done.

Hygiene After an Incision

It can be a bit tricky to clean yourself after a cesarean. Firstly, water should never soak the incision. This means that baths are strictly off-limits. You can take showers, but always ensure that you gently pat the area where the incision is located. Never scrub or apply soap to the area.

Give Up Driving for Awhile

If you are a person who is used to their independence, it may be difficult to hear that you can't drive for a while. This is often the case for two to three weeks after a cesarean. You will not be able to drive until you can press on the brake without feeling any pain.

Breastfeeding After a Cesarean

Breastfeeding can get a bit tricky after your surgery. You want to be careful not to rest the baby on the incision. This can prove difficult. You may want to try lying on your side to breastfeed or holding your baby in what is known as the football position. In this position, you hold your baby's head in your hand, his back will rest on your arm, and his legs will be pressed against your back. This keeps the baby away from the incision.

Giving birth and having a newborn is a wonderful occasion. However, when you have had a cesarean there are special things you must bear in mind in order for you to heal quickly. If you follow the guidelines discussed above you are sure to recover quickly so that you can spend your time enjoying your baby.

To get further help with recovery, find an OBGYN doctor in your area to talk to.