Why A Pelvic Exam Is So Important

As a woman, you are going to need to go to the gynecologist for a pelvic exam at least once per year. It is an exam that a lot of women neglect to have done, but it's one that is just as important as having a routine medical exam each year. Women tend to neglect this appointment, possibly because they are uncomfortable, or because they feel it isn't necessary, but that couldn't be more wrong. A pelvic exam at the gynecologist is very important. Read on for reasons why.

1. To Catch Medical Issues

Just because you aren't feeling anything out of the ordinary doesn't mean you don't have an underlying medical issue that hasn't been diagnosed yet. Just because you don't feel anything means nothing at all, and usually when you do finally feel symptoms, your condition may have already progressed. Don't wait until you feel symptoms; you need to see your gynecologist each year for your yearly exam to catch anything before it worsens or progresses into something much more difficult to treat. A few of the medical issues that could be diagnosed at your pelvic exam includes cancer, polyps, STD's and endometriosis. 

2. To Keep Up With Your Feminine Health

Your gynecologist can answer all of your questions while you're at your exam. If you have questions about sex, about things you may be feeling or experiencing, or about things in general about your feminine health, your gynecologist can answer these questions for you at your exam. As you age, you may have other questions about your health that changes as you get older. This is a good time to ask these questions and to find out what changes you should make to keep up with your feminine health.

3. To Talk About What Form Of Birth Control Is Best For You

At your pelvic exam, it's a good time to talk to your gynecologist about what form of birth control is the best type for you. If you aren't planning on having any children anytime soon, an IUD may be the best option for you. For some, such as younger women, birth control pills may be best. If you are planning on having a family, you can discuss this with your gynecologist as well.

Pelvic exams are very important, as it can help prevent medical issues that affect women.  If you have not been in to see your gynecologist in awhile for an exam, make an appointment today and keep up with your feminine health. You can contact a clinic or facility such as Naples  OB-GYN