Endometriosis: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis, have a loved one suffering with the effects of endometriosis, or are concerned you are living with endometriosis, chances are you have a lot of questions and concerns about this condition. Endometriosis is a common condition that affects millions of women of all ages, and understanding the symptoms and causes of endometriosis can help ensure you get the care you need. Here are a few frequently asked questions you might have about endometriosis. [Read More]

4 Vaginal Atrophy Treatments

Menopause happens to all women of a certain age. As you exit your childbearing years, you will go through hormonal changes that will cause some changes to your body. The most noticeable sign of menopause is the cessation of menstruation. However, many women experience additional symptoms, such as hot flashes. You may also experience vaginal atrophy during menopause. Vaginal atrophy is often accompanied by uncomfortable dryness. This condition can diminish your sex drive and even cause pain during sexual intercourse. [Read More]

Pain In Your Groin Area? What The Problem Could Be

Aches and pains occur all the time, but some are worse than others. Some aches or pains don't go away or they worsen, which in this area can be worrisome. You may feel pain throughout the month, which could be ovulation pain or period pain such as bloat or cramps, but those other pains you just can't explain are something you should bring up to your gynecologist. Read on for what may be the issue with your groin pain. [Read More]

Preparing Your Daughter For Menses

As a parent of a teen or preteen girl, you may worry about how to prepare her for her first period. That can be a very delicate and sensitive subject that can sometimes be hard to breach. Fortunately, gynecologists are experts at discussing the topic with women of any age. If you need help talking to your daughter, and you just don't know where to start, you may want to schedule a gynecologic appointment. [Read More]